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AM Ground Systems Quote Request

The old quote request form from our old site has been retired.  We discovered that it's delivery was questionable and getting more and more so with each itteration of ISP spam filters.

We now ask that you simply send an email with the following information:

  1. Your contact phone
  2. Your contact email
  3. Your name
  4. Call sign of the station
  5. Transmitter location (coordinates are good but CoL is OK).
  6. What we can do for you at this site.
  7. Antenna system description (ND, DA, # of towers, etc)
  8. Click the link below to open your email app or copy the email address to webmail.




With this info in hand, we will work the Google on the Internet Machine and check out the site and FCC data and then give you a call to discuss your project

Submitting this information implies absolutely NO obligation to you.

This information is meant to make both of our jobs easier and save time.  Please be as specific as
possible but if an answer isn't known we can work it out later.  If some aspect of your project defies written word, or would take too long to write out, please fill out what you can, submit the form and call to discuss the rest.  The answers provided  will be used to compile a preliminary quote for this project.


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