AM Ground Systems Company
KSJB Jamestown ND
October 2014
5kw 3 tower DA
AGSC rebuilt the ground system for KSJB in the last days October into the 2nd week of November 2014.  In case you are curious, late October and November in ND are not the optimal times to be building a ground system there.

KSJB's 3 tower DA resides in a slough south of Jamestown ND.  The area is fairly flat with only about 4ft elevation change between dry maintainable property and 3ft of standing water.  When US281 was improved many years ago, it appears that the new roadbed occluded the end of this slough and caused it to back up even deeper.  The original tower base piers were standing in several inches of water that I suspect was not there at the time of the original DA construction.

Several schemes to drain the slough were discussed but none were found that were viable due to the huge area of water involved.  We finally decided to just deal with the water and reed over growth. 

An amphibious Argo Avenger was secured and a "plow" built to fit it's integral trailer hitch.  This plow is pneumatically (air) operated to insure that the foot stayed down on or in the mud and reed root bed.


Here is a link to some YouTube video that we shot at this site.

  • Argo Plowing thru reeds
  • Argo Plowing thru Icy Water
  • Argo showing battery & air tank for plow controls.
  • John Deere 4wd with Dual Rear Wheels and High Flotation Front Tires
  • COLD
  • Packed Up and Ready to Head to ND
  • IMG_20141028_162800_066
  • IMG_20141028_162809_054
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