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Low Bid Syndrome

Or how to not get bitten by the cheap bug...  

For many years, government agencies have made most of their purchases by the bid process.  In this process, they would release a RFB (Request For Bid) stating the specifications for the items being bid and other pertinent data.  Companies will then submit competitive bids to provide the items or services listed in the RFB.  In many situations, the personnel evaluating the bids had no direct knowledge of the content of the bid and simply accepted the lowest bid whether it met specs or not.  A slick salesman could write a bid response to make a Yugo sound like a Corvette.   Until the past few years, most agencies were practically bound by law to accept the lowest bid with no consideration of the quality of that bid or other higher, but often better suited bids.  Government staff even developed a saying to describe this situation...


"By accepting the lowest bid, we are assured of

getting the most inferior product for the money."


In recent years, most government agencies have adopted policies stating that they may reject any or all bids and are not bound to accept the lowest bid for any reason.  They now evaluate the bids on a quality of services or items rendered versus cost basis.  When evaluating bids on this basis, they have found that seldom does the cheapest bid provide the best product or service for the money.  Cheap bids often have clauses that allow the bidder to bill more than the bid stated (cost over runs) and/or substitute inferior materials.

You, of course, aren't bound by the same rules that government agencies must follow, but the saying still applies.  This is not to say that the low bid/quote is automatically the worst, but that higher bid/quotes may provide a better and more reliable service to you.

That is why we at AM Ground Systems Company don't try to be the cheapest... Just the best.

We quote each job individually and with great care to insure that we give the client the best possible job for the money yet remain competitive.

Sure we miss jobs by not cutting our price to the bone...

But our work is ALWAYS done correctly and on time.  Our superior engineering, equipment and techniques allow us to naturally keep costs reasonable yet provide superior service.


Here is what we do:

  • We use only premium grade materials and supply premium quality Engineering & Installation.

  • We figure the time needed to do the job correctly, in one trip, with the least amount of hassle for our client.

  • We figure the materials to do the job as it should be done with no shortages or excess.

  • We schedule plenty of time to take those little setbacks in stride and still remain on schedule for your project and the next one in line.

  • We are reliable and trustworthy.

  • We stand behind our quoted prices.

  • We are completely self reliant.

  • We provide all equipment necessary to complete our portion of the job and have often been called on to assisted other contractors (tower, building, etc) to help complete their portion of the job.

Here is what we won't do:

  • We don't cut our price to the rock bottom and then have to supply inferior services or materials to meet that quote.

  • We don't schedule half the time needed to do a job and then have to jump from job to job without finishing.

  • We don't leave a job site to go to another site until our job is complete.

  • We don't come to you asking for extra money because WE made a boo boo.

  • We don't quote or schedule jobs that we have no hope of getting done just to keep someone else from getting them.

  • If we can't meet your job requirements or time frame we won't take the job.

  • We don't require someone from your organization to hold our hand all day to make sure we do the job correctly.



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